What is better web design or graphic design

Graphic designers are engaged in the development of logos, illustrations and corporate identity for companies. To answer the question of which is better, web design or graphic design, you first need to ask yourself 2 questions:

  • What do you like doing more: websites (web design) or logos and illustrations (graphic design)?
  • Is creativity important to you?

The fact is that modern web design cannot be called a 100% creative profession. In website design, there are certain boundaries that need to be followed. In graphic design, these frames are smaller and therefore there is more room for creativity.

If we talk about which direction is more popular, then, of course, web design, simply because there is more demand for web design. However, I would not advise you to determine the area only by its popularity. Much more important is your interest.

In both areas, you can become a first-class specialist and receive good remuneration for your work. It is a matter of time, desire and aspiration. There are graphic designers who earn more than web designers.

If you like doing both websites and logos, then no one forbids you to combine both professions in one. You can easily create website designs and simultaneously develop logos, illustrations and other graphic design elements for them.

Who is web design for?

It is a misconception that the field of web design is only suitable for creative people. Like, if you are a “techie”, then you have no place in web design. In fact, as I said above, web design has long gone from total creativity towards functionality.

So you don’t have to be creative. It is enough to have a desire to create cool projects that other people will use. If you like the feeling that to some extent you will make the virtual world a little more convenient and attractive (through design), then this profession is for you.

Another plus is perfectionism within reasonable limits. Attention to detail is an important aspect of any professional web designer, because it is from the smallest details that the big picture is formed.

In addition, an analytical mindset will also add a few points to your piggy bank. As I said, the creation of design is based primarily on design.

Is higher education required? No. In this area, you just need to take courses and you will already be able to apply for vacancies. Moreover, there are very few specialized higher education institutions with this direction, and they are not in every city.

To sum it up, absolutely anyone can do web design. The main thing is desire. The big advantage of this area is that you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. This opens up great opportunities in terms of earnings and professional growth.

Self-taught web design

Many people say that web design can be mastered on your own. I will not argue with this, and it is true. But there are a couple of nuances that no one talks about. These nuances are the complexity of the process and your motivation.

Since you will be learning on your own, you will need to search for all the necessary information on web design on your own and structure it in your head so that there is no mess. This process takes a lot of time, because you need to look not for any information, but for verified and up-to-date information. If you are a beginner, then it will be difficult for you to separate the “good” from the “bad”.

Besides, time is against you. The more time you spend on self-study, the more you miss out on becoming a web designer, because you “open the way” for your competitors, who can overtake you. This must be understood.

Well, do not forget that self-study requires perseverance and the ability to constantly motivate yourself without visible results. It’s very difficult actually.

When you work for a long time without visible results, your hands gradually begin to fall. This problem is not specifically in you, it is inherent in each person. That is why, when self-learning web design, there is a high risk of quitting everything.

Where can I learn web design from scratch?

When choosing courses, it is important to pay attention to who teaches them and what results students demonstrate. In addition, the length of the course is also an important factor. For example, in 1 month it is very difficult to master all design skills and become a good specialist. But in 3-12 months it is already more realistic to do this.

The longer the duration of the course, the richer the training program and the more practical tasks.